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Company introduction

 Maintenance & Intelligence of water networks 

GROUPE WE ©, a group of companies specialized in water and environmental issues.

We work with donors, local authorities and public bodies as well as private companies that request our expertise and know-how.

The experience of our teams allows us to develop a fast and quality service.

Anxious to please you, we offer rates adapted to each customer.

Available 24H/24 and 7D/7, our teams are ready to operate throughout France.

Visit our teams on the Montreuil, Franconville or Grenoble sites. 

Our experts team

People at the heart of our process

The whole of our teams are ready to study each request

Our employees are trained and specialized in the fields of water and the environment

They operate daily with all the necessary equipment for WE SERVICES and WE CONNECT

As part of our CSR approach, we are also working to electrify our entire fleet of vehicles and to integrate our entire chain of production tools in France


“Groupe O’, the start-up that wants to revolutionize the water/waste issues”- Le Parisien (November 2017)
“Groupe O’ revolutionize water management” - Construction Cayola (October 2017)
“A young start-up at the cutting edge of environmental technology” - Green News Techno (October 2017)

Our businesses

In 2016-2017 we decided to enlarge our business dedicated to research and the development of numerous innovative technologies with our firm WE SERVICES.

GREEN LAB INDUSTRIE was the outcome of those researches.

All of our innovations for 2017-2018 were presented on October 6th, 2017, at the “Salons de l’Aveyron” in front of an audience of customers, suppliers, experts, journalists and simply inquisitive people.

Finally in 2019 was created TCR WATER ENGINEERING which is nowadays the manufacturing site of our sensors, robots and cameras. It was the cornerstone of the new program for the creation of WE CONNECT.

In 2020 WE CONNECT puts itself at the service of the community by developing the program “HUMAN” which will be used to detect SARS-COV-2 in the wastewater networks.

Initial branch of our company, WE SERVICES works alongside local authorities, PME and large groups of BTP (Buildings & Public Works) to allow the maintenance, the expertise and the rehabilitation of wastewater networks.

We are at your side every day to carry out your disgorging, cleaning out, pumping, maintenance of lifting pumps and rehabilitation of pipes.

Please do contact us for any request for quotation !

We are available 24H/24, 7D/7 & 365D/Year !

You can also refer to our Keynote 2017 in the “Media” section of our website

Our services

WE CONNECT Human © is the health branch of WE CONNECT, sub-corporation of GROUPE WE ©, France. Our teams are specialized in the following and the mastery of pathogen flows from populations in a tested area. Learn more...

Our media

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Keynote Groupe O' 2017

Vous étiez nombreux à être présent à notre Keynote 2017, et l'équipe Groupe O' vous en remercie !

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Keynote Groupe O' 2017

La Keynote Groupe O' 2017 en vidéo.

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Communiqué de Presse - GROUPE WE (Anciennement Mithrandir Fund)

Retrouvez notre communiqué de presse concernant notre travail autour de l'épidémie du COVID19.

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Article de Green News Techno

Retrouvez notre interview chez Green News Techno


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