We Connect Human

WE CONNECT Human © is the health branch of WE CONNECT, subsidiary of GROUPE WE ©, France. Our teams are specialized in the following and the mastery of pathogen flows from populations in a tested area. Our product is actually tested and used by the Paris Region, first French Region with 12M inhabitants. We are ready to make deployment as soon as possible on the dedicated area (city, region, country) to allow you the best following of the pandemic evolution. More, WE CONNECT Human © is initially dedicated to the following of very specific and dangerous pathogens like Zika, Ebola, HIV, Flue, etc). So we can already offer, for the end of the 2021 first trimester, the automatic evolution of our machines towards these multiple tests, to be at the forefront of health technologies.

Prototype zoomer

  • Real time detection of SARS COV-2 in wastewater
  • Ease of installation on rungs in the accesses to sewer ovoids
  • Control by concentric circles of contamination levels
  • Monitoring carried out by our control teams and automatic alerting + personalization
  • Connecting with your health/environment teams or your public water agencies to enable the fastest possible deployment
  • Detection possible from 15 to 45 days depending of the number of tests in reserve
  • Easy test replacement and safe disposal of used tests